Negotiating with Biscuits #1 – The Crate

I hold open the crate door for Fleegle, my chocolate Lab.

He stands his ground and stares at me. “No. I’m not going in my crate.”

“Why not?” I ask.


“Because what?”

“How come it’s my crate? Why isn’t it your crate?”

I look at the crate, which is small for me, then back at him. “Well, have you ever seen me get in it?”

“If you get in I’ll get in.”

“I’m sure you would. That would be very cozy.”

“I like cozy,” he says.

“I know you do.” I toss a dog cookie in the back of the crate.

“Oh boy, a cookie,” he says as he runs in after it. His tail thumps against the inside of the crate as the cookie crunches in his mouth.

I put a Kong stuffed with frozen peanut butter in behind him and close the door. He hears the latch close and turns around.

“Cat butt! I fell for it again, didn’t I?” he says, looking through the wire mesh of the crate door.

“Yes, you did.”

He spots the red Kong toy. “Ooo,” he sniffs the air. “I smell peanut butter.”

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